Races of Irra Minor and Beyond


Humans are not native to Irra Minor. They migrated to the continent during the Age of Discovery. The lands of Irra Major were rich in cultures and history. Even though they have been cut off from their homeland for centuries now. A great diversity can be found in the humans who were born and raised in Irra Minor.


The children of humans who survived the mysterious plague. The mutation created a short and stout line of beings. They mostly moved to communities further north in the hills and mountains of Irra Minor where they became famous for their stonework, sculpture, and quarrying skills. But, can be found throughout the Imperium.


The children of humans who survived the mysterious plague. The mutation created a short and curious line of beings. Unlike their Dwarven cousins, Halflings tended to remain with the human communities. Though some rural settlements were created by small groups, who preferred to just be out of the judging eye of humans. Overtime they have become common place in all parts of the Imperium.


The children of humans who survived the mysterious plague. The mutation created a towering line of beings. They are a rarer mutation and exist in smaller numbers throughout the Imperium. They live along side other humans easily and often seen as a boon in communities.

Caliban (Half-Orcs)

Called the Monster Men behind their backs. These native creatures come from the most northern territories of Irra Minor. They are a nomadic people who live in the deep evergreen forests that cling to the both sides of the Kira Mountains. They openly trade fur and pelts with the people of the southern regions. They are a people rich with traditions and have turned even the most mundane objects for their survival into works of primitive art. It is not unheard of for a younger member of these clans to travel southward to seek adventure in the alien world of civilization.


The elves and their many tribes are natives of Irra Minor. They built towns and villages that blended with the natural features of the environment. They are a long lived race and tend to have smaller populations. When the humans of Irra Major first arrived they found the elves to be friendly and just as advanced as their own society. Though long life had created some striking differences in culture. The elves in general preserving a place as you have found it. They seldom terraform a landscape to meet their needs. The High Elves of the Kira Mountains are famous for their stoney cliff dwelling towns on the mountain sides. The shunned Swamp Elves (use Drow) live throughout the bayou and deep swamps the southern reaches of Irra Minor. The harsh realities of their swamps have made them cunning and merciless in a fatalistic way. Elves are respected out of fear for their arcane knowledge and willingness to openly display it.

The offspring of elves and humans are quite common.

Tor (Dragonborn)

The hardiest of the serpentfolk were the Scaled Folk. The Scaled Serpentfolk refer to themselves as the Tor. Their bulk and toughness meant they were the most common of serpentfolk to be brought back to Irra Minor during the short and terrible time of slavery. A great number of them remained behind in Irra Minor and Sol Rasa to start a new life after the successful war for freedom was won. Today they are found throughout various levels of society. Many of them align with guilds, churches, and other factions outside of the old ruling families.


Like a living puzzle the Gnomes have always wandered the world. They were even known in the old country of Irra Major. A people with no known homeland they can be found just about anywhere. An old Sol Rasa joke says that when the first men anchored their ships where Sol Rasa would one day stand. They had to ask a gnome to step a side to make room for the explorer to plant his flag of conquest. Sometimes small groups of gnomes travel together.and this is the closest you will come to finding a gnome village or homeland.



One of the great lost arts of the arcane purges was the means of creating the Golems. These magical constructions with a soul were once common among the wealthy families and prominent citizens. Many still follow the mysterious bonding contract of their creation and serve these bloodlines. But, some over the years have earned their freedom when their masters died or the bloodline faded away. How they acquired a soul and the nature of the ancient bonding contracts are a mystery now. Some have even said that these were once men who traded their freedom for long life as a construct. Others claim their soul was placed in the mechanical bodies as a form of punishment. The Golems are long lived though their memory can be hazy on past. In general they can be found throughout in Imperium in small numbers.



The Beastmen are a mix of bipedal humanoids that seem to possess traits similar to both humans and animals. They arrived as crew and guards on ships captained by Creata. This has led to the speculation they are magical creations of the birdlike race. A small trickle of deserters have jumped ship over the years creating a small population of Beastmen in Sol Rasa mostly. Though some have been seen further afield in Irra Minor.


A prominent race from the southern seas. This biped bird race comes in a wide range of colors and sub-races. They are known for their wisdom and often take the role of merchant or seeker/seller of knowledge when visiting Sol Rasa. Little is known of their homeland or customs. They have kept charts leading back to their distant kingdom quite secret. A few guilds have earned trade rights with the Creata and send ships south with great secrecy. Sailors say that they are not allowed to go ashore at Creata cities, but restricted to small islands off the coast where all trade and business is conducted. Many Creata who live in Sol Rasa are exiles from their homeland.


No world is without evil. And evil will always bring a salve for your hurts in the guise of a curse. So was the fate of a number of great families of Sol Rasa. A mysterious stranger promised to give their bodies an immunity to the terrible plague that was sweeping across Irra Minor. Those who accepted the offer were spared by the plague but cursed. They developed demonic appearances and sometimes appetites from the dark energies used to transform their bodies. Originally from royal bloodlines and changed by a demon lords powers the Tieflings have much to be proud of but live a shunned life for many decades. The curse has passed to their next generations. Over time the sight of a Tiefling no longer creates violent repulsion in the natural creatures of Irra Minor. But, they are still rank as lower class citizens. A few have held on to their royal ancestry and its property. While most of them have been forced to live on the outskirts of society or on its bottom rungs. Unless they can prove themselves worthy again through acquiring power or respect of their fellow countrymen.

Bullies (NPC)

These frog like creatures can be found throughout the continent and peninsula. Bullies is their common name among the humans and other civilized people of the Imperium. They refer to themselves as the Ko’Too. They are a crude civilization that seem only good at adapting technology that furthers their ability to inflict more harm on their enemies. They have a clan based society and often fight with each other and outsiders over territory. A clan is usually led by a tribal shaman empowered by spirits of the darker reaches of the swamp lands they call home.

Races of Irra Minor and Beyond

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