Gods of Sol Rasa


God of sun and justice
Domain: Light
Symbol: An eye

Z’mote is a human god of the old world. A figure of great authority with many fine cathedrals built in their honor. Z’mote is highly favored among the ruling class and the lower classes at least observe the holidays of the great god. The church has a great deal of structure and seen as a bastion against the untrustworthy nature of magic. The church zealously took part in the purges and magic burning after outbreak of the plague.


God of Death, Poison
Domain: Death
Symbol: A toad

A god worshipped by mostly cults and sects. Tied closely to the swamps and the jungles to the south.

Order of the Six Fingers

Path to Inner Power and Universal Wisdom
Domain: Knowledge
Symbol: Hand with three fingers

A gnostic order that believes in the ascent of mankind to a greater level. Believes followers are drawing up the power of themselves and the universe. There are many groups of this religion. Most of them aligned to a particular living leader or working from the teachings of one who has passed on. The religion is popular in Sol Rasa. The followers tend to heal and help the poor. Trying to convert the misguided to their way of thinking and self discovery.


God of shipwrecks and drowned
Domain: Death, Tempst
Symbol: A seashell

Worshipped by the men of the old world, Mar is seen both as a creature of misfortune and fear. Her domain is the sea and the hazards one can face upon its currents. While some cults and clans of wreckers see her as a beneficial creature, who sends cargo to their coasts after storms. Others also worship her out of fear or delight in her power on the waves. Priests who do not embrace her darker nature will be those who respect the elemental forces of the world.


God of the Serpantfolk
Domain: Trickery
Symbol: A lizard

Kis has gained a strong handhold in the city of Sol Rasa and the young settlements around it in recent years. Kis worship sites tend to be hidden or isolated shrines. Those who follow the god will usually bear jewelry or a tattoo of a lizard. Most priest of Kis are wandering pilgrims.


God of Sea and Storm
Domain: Tempest
Symbol: A great wave or lightening bolt

A god natively worshiped by the bird and beastmen to the south. Klunder has gained great popularity with sailors and merchants in ports. Klunder has a man persona to them. His houses of worship are often found as part of businesses or standalone chapels on the waterfront of rivers and oceans. His priest are usually working men who also act as a religious leader. Klunder respects a man who can carry his own weight.


God of nature and animals
Domain: Nature
Symbol: A tree

Tari is the greatest of the elvish gods. And even worshipped by some of the swamp dwelling elves. Her protective but naturally honest way has become very popular in the rural areas of Imperium as well as higher class citizens in the city. Tari’s temples are always placed in a green space with living trees.


God of Secrets
Domain: Arcana
Symbol: An eight point burst

Sanger is another prominent elvish deity. A god who hands down knowledge to those who deserve the right to it. Sanger is popular with those of the magic schools, sages, philosophers, and other seeking knowledge to their advantage or out of love, His places of worship are always made of stone and have confusing maze like layouts.


God of war and strength
Domain: War
Symbol: A fist or A sword

Erg is an old god from the old world of man. Temples to Erg tend to be fortified strongholds in the city or countryside. The priests follow a very ranking based structure like a military unit. Depending on the alignment of a temple they could sell their services as sellswords, bodyguards, or mercenaries. Some evil groups of worshippers are nothing more than hostile bandit gangs.


God of nature and life
Domain: Life
Symbol: A circle divided into two parts

Gaven’s worship has fallen a great deal since the time of the plague. At one time they once held the position of Z’mote as the most worshipped and respected god. But, with the revered healing powers of the priests unable to deal with the plague. Many followers abandoned the religion to seek other answers. Today, the god still has a couple larger places of worship in Sol Rasa. But, mostly the temples are smaller and neatly kept. The priest do not practice their healing too generously. So that people will not fall into the trap of only seeing them in that way again.

Tol Muk

God of the mountains and forest
Domain: Nature
Symbol: A stone carved into the shape of a dear

God of the northern Caliban tribes. Tol Muk is seen as spirit of the land and sky. There are no temples for the god. But, small wilderness shrines. In Sol Rasa these can sometimes be found on rooftops or on the mudflats that appear and disappear with the tide. The priests of Tol Muk are few but they travel great distances to see all the world that Tol Muk has made perfectly from the dead stone of the earth.

Gods of Sol Rasa

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