Hard Times in Sol Rasa

Session 1

Meeting at Roger's Square

Party meet under strange circumstances in the Roger’s Square and prevent the assassination of high priest Albert by Z’mote acolytes. In the confusion X’eythrell kills Cal the Firm. Albert is at a lost without his strongest and most capable warrior-priest. The death will be a major setback for the church. Albert offers the roguish band an offer to gain access to the legendary home of the Matron. A mission that would originally have gone to Cal. In return they will provide the church relic, Roger’s Bone.

The party is given an old scroll that contains the means to create a charm that will allow the party to bypass the Matron’s many magical defenses on her home. The scroll had been given to the church on the death bed of an aged follower. In his youth the anonymous follower had been a consort of the Matron.



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