Hard Times in Sol Rasa

Session 4

Death In Sol Rasa

Back at the Black Cat Inn Maxwell Boon has rejoined the group. He conducts a medical examination of the parasite. He discovers that the parasite kills the host. The insect like creature devouring parts of the brain while connecting its feelers to the eyes and nervous system.

A small group set off to meet with Kilborne, a notorious fence on Wall street. Maxwell Boon has used him as a contact over the year. The professional criminal says he can discreetly get the amber they are looking for in 3 days for 300 gold. The party agree to the price after showing that Kilborne will face a tragic fate if he betrays their trust.

Arykos is watching the street while perched atop a nearby building. His alert bird senses catch the sound of claws on a metal roof near by. Investigating he spots a small lizard humanoid dropping over the edge of the building. He pursues it to the alley and discovers its hiding place. The pint sized creature attacks him with its teeth. Avoiding the attack, Arykos kills the creature with a single blow. The thing disintegrates. Leaving a puddle and broken potion vial behind.

Meanwhile Padric “Paddy” Hull reports to the Silent Hand on the events surrounding the Purge Clan. He leaves out no details (except for how much money they found). The guild messenger seems astonished by the report.

On their way back to the Black Cat Inn they all pass various town cryers. The Emperor has announced that a great fleet will be built with technology improvements learned from the South Seas. The ships will be built and stocked in Sol Rasa over the coming year. This fleet will restore travel to and from the old world. The cryers also report this evening there will be a curfew and fog. The fog a magical creation used to subdue the town during times of unrest. The Emperor perhaps suspecting news of a new expedition will open fears about the old world.

That night the party investigates the fog and discover that is drifting down from the north. The mist has a foul odor like old food and very thick. It only covers the lower areas of the city and avoids the most wealthy neighborhoods. They also believe the fog is created through alchemy. Perhaps some substance interacting with the darker swamp waters to the north.

Under the cover of this fog a small army of mechanical beasts attack the party at the Black Cat Inn. At first glance the creatures appear to be giant snakes, spiders, and scorpions. But, smashing them reveals they are clockwork constructions powered by alchemy. In the struggle E’tchay Mockttor is killed by a mechanical scorpions. The creature striking him hard with its claws before injecting him with a lethal poison.

Samson demands the party leave his inn. He is fearful they are putting him in harm’s way with their actions. The party decide to leave before dawn. Arykos and X’eythrell hang E’tchay Mockttor’s body from the gallows in Cutthroat Square. They leave a note for Oz Bach in his mouth. They see it as a replacement for the “Eyes” animated corpse they destroyed when first coming to Low Town.

The party is suspicious of the Alchemist guild due to their connection to the fog and the attack occurring during the curfew. They also want to know who could able to create mechanical creatures like the ones that attacked them. The poison in the creatures was very potent and they aim to track down its source.

Padric “Paddy” Hull goes to inquire with The Silent Hand connection about the poison. He is greet by Vonnegut. Vonnegut informs Paddy that The Silent Hand controls most of the poison trade in Sol Rasa. He dismisses any suspicions considering the poison used by the mechanical snakes and insects. He does acknowledge elusively knowing about the existence of mechanical creatures in Sol Rasa. Vonnegut quickly changes the subject. The Silent Hand wants to know why The Purge Clan’s local point of contact is still alive. The party reported the whole clan destroyed. But, Mari has been seen in the city. And she made all the Karri bird deliveries despite the party saying they handed the birds over to Oz. Vonnegut in a threatening tone asks Paddy to find out more about Mari and her secrets.



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