Hard Times in Sol Rasa

Session 3

Raid on the Purge Clan

The ragtag band of adventurers meet up back at the church during the day. They decide to pull off the job for Oz Bach. But, also check in with the Silent Hand thieves’ guild to make sure this errand won’t cause the party any problem. The Silent Hand seem curious about the Purge Gang, but offer no resistance to the party running the errand.

Late that night Gunderic “The Vandal” Guerra is sent by the Oz Gang to the Black Cat Inn. This pugilist performer has ran afoul of Oz Bach’s gang and needs to make amends for not giving their cut of the profits. The performer has been instructed to lead the party to a boat that will allow them to reach the island hideout of the Purge Clan and their new leader Sheel.

The party disembarks in the wee hours of the morning on the high tide. They pole their skiff out to the island where the Purge Clan use as their smuggling den. The clan turn out to be a misfit band of Bullies (frogmen) and serpentfolk muscle. Negotiations with the clan take a sour turn and the party engages the clan on the docks. The party manage to overpower the superior numbers of the clan. They find the clan has been smuggling the sought after Karry birds. A luxury pet with heavy import tariffs. The party are confronted by Sheel and her bodyguard. Both turn out to be more than they appear. They are infected by some arcane parasite that has burrowed into their skulls. The creatures are dispatched. With the tide going out soon the adventurers take the day to rest and search the island. The party discover the clan’s smuggling records and a cache of gold. Also discovered is a badly decomposed body of a woman with modest but middle class clothing. They are unable to determine her identity. They hand over the prized birds to Oz Bach, while secretly keeping the gold from sales. They show Lynne the head of the infected woman creature. She sneers at it and tells the party to burn the head – denying she has ever seen such a thing before – the party nods silent assent but does not burn it. For proving themselves to Oz they are handsomely rewarded. Oz deeming them worthy of better equipment for future jobs.



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