Hard Times in Sol Rasa

Session 2

Exploring Low Town

The outlier members of the party seek out an inn to allow their companion to recover from their wounds. They discover the requirements needed to make the Charm of Passage. They take up residence in The Black Cat Inn in Low Town. They make contact with elements of Oz Bach’s gang through the Body Men.

Filruel Mizzrym is mugged while investigating Market Square and wounded. The outlier members of the party find a hidden temple to Muni in Low Town. Arykos meets with the cult’s local leader Dokk. They are brought to Oz Bach by a resurrected servant boy. Oz offers them a “job” by swaying or taking out the Purge Clan on the Flats. The Purge Clan have been doing some smuggling of their own without Oz getting his cut. The outsider members of the party remain at The Black Cat Inn in Cutthroat Square for the night.



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